Waterproof electric lift patient transfer chair

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Electric lift patient transfer chair is a kind of equipment for patient lifting and transferring in sickbed, living room, bathroom,and outdoor etc.. It is electric operation, non manual handling. Electric lift patient transfer chair is a good helper for caregivers and family members , free burden to lift invalids and transfer them, release oneself and more efficient nursing way. Electric lift patient transfer chair is with multi functions – patient lift / patient transfer/ /commode chair/bath chair/ wheelchair.

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Product name  Electric lift patient transfer chair
Model No. XFL-QX-YW01
Material Iron, Plastic
Maximum loading weight  150 kg
Power supply Battery, rechargeable
Rated power  96 W
Voltage DC 24 V
Lifting range 25 cm , from 40 cm to 65 cm.
Dimensions 123*72.5*54.5cm
Waterproof level  IP44
Application Home, hospital, nursing home
Feature Electric lift
Functions Patient transfer/ patient lift/ toilet / bath chair/ wheelchair
Patent Yes
Wheel Two front wheels are with brake
Door width, chair can pass it  At least 55 cm
It suites for bed Height of bed from 11 cm to 63 cm

The door must be more than 55 cm in width, and the height of bed must be from 11 cm to 63 cm, Chair can be use in these both requirements.


Advantages of Product


1) New trending - electric lift , non manual operation
2) Height of seat can be adjusted automatic, transfer pateint from bed to living room, bathroom, and outdoor etc.
3) Waterproof , IP44 level , it can be used as bath chair for disabled.
4) Long lifespan , the lifespan of battery is 1000 times charging, the lifespan of engine is 10,000 circle operation up and down
5) Meets multi using purposes , as powered toilet lifts,shower stool, patient moving equipment, wheelchair.
6) Electric patient lift can be operated for 500 times after battery is full charged. So one time charging satisfies one week working.


1  Hospital, clinic 2 Nursing home 3 Home

Intended for 

Electric lift transfer chair is  intended for old people, disabled people, patients,bedridden and invalids.


Using tips

1)Keep the plastic cover on joystick control and insert the plastic end on the hole of battery case before using it as shower chair.


2), Please don’t let machine work while it is in charging.
3), Please kindly don’t soak machine in water, although it is waterproof, the waterproof level is IP44.
4) Keep it dry in ordinary when it isn’t in use.



1)Assemble the frame of chair firstly, insert the support sticks on base
2)Install the electric push rod on the frame, fix the screws on the bottom end of the push rod.
3)Put the rear rail on the support sticks.
4)Fix the screw on the top of push rod
5)Install the small clip spring, insert the end of spring into the hole on rail.
6)Put the seat plates on frame

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