Electric lift Patient transfer from wheelchair to car

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Disabled people or patients usually have problem to be transferred from wheelchair to car. When caregiver or family member want to carry them outside by car, they have to lift hold patient or disabled by hand, if the patient is fat , it usually a hard work to finish lifting hold to car . But our this type of patient transfer chair can lift and transfer patient from wheelchair to car very easy.
This type of electric lift patient transfer chair is with a hammock, it fits the car very perfect, patient can easy be lift by motor and be transferred to the front passenger seat .

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Technical Data

Product name: Electric lift patient transfer chair hammock type
Model: XFL-QX-YW02
Material : Iron, Plastic, Nylon
Maximum loading weight: 150 kg
Power supply: Battery, rechargeable
Rated power: 96 W
Voltage DC: 24 V
Lifting range: 25 cm , from 40 cm to 65 cm.
Dimensions: 123*72.5*54.5cm

Waterproof level: IP44
Application: Home, hospital, nursing home
Feature: Electric lift
Functions Patient transfer/ patient lift/ toilet / bath chair/ wheelchair
Patent: Yes
Wheel: Two front wheels are with brake
Door width, chair can pass it At least 55 cm
It suites for bed: Height of bed from 11 cm to 63 cm


1), Easy Transfer patient from wheelchair to the front passenger seat without lifting hold by hand. So it release the caregivers.
2), Electric lift, it isn’t manual lift, so it meets the new trending .
3)Safety, the power supply is battery, and this battery is lithium ion rechargeable battery, the voltage is DC 24 V, 4000 m AH, so users won’t worry about electricity shocking.
4),Waterproof. This model is waterproof also, the waterproof level is IP44, it can be used as bath chair also.
5), Height of seat can be adjusted automatic from 40 m to 65 cm .The lifting rang is 25 cm.
6), The hammock can be with a commode hole for toilet.
7), The maximum loading weight is 150 kg, 330 lbs.

Our advantages

1)Top quality of battery, the lifespan of battery is 1000 times of charging, chair can lift for 500 times after battery is full charged, so normally one week for one charging .
2)Top quality of engine,The lifespan of it is 10,000 circles up and down .
3)FDA, ISO , CE certificates
4)Patented product

Our Applications

At home, hospital, old people rehabilitation therapy center .


Our company profile

Xiangfali technology (Xiamen) co., Ltd is an independent research and development company, We specialize in rehabilitation therapy products , our products are  powered toilet lifting commode chair, lightweight walking stick and human shower washing machine, The powered toilet lifts chair is used in home, nursing centre, hospital, rehabilitation centre, it is suitable for elderly people, disabled people , pregnant woman, it reduce the pains when they use toilet.


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