As the global population ages, electric lift transfer chairs will be the future trend

How to take care of the elderly is a major problem in modern life. Faced with the increasingly high cost of living, most people are busy with work, and the phenomenon of “empty nests” among the elderly is increasing.

The survey shows that young people to take on the responsibility of caring for the elderly out of emotion and obligation will be detrimental to the sustainable development of the relationship and the physical and mental health of both parties in the long run. In foreign countries, hiring a professional caregiver for the elderly has become the most common way. However, the world is now facing a shortage of caregivers. Accelerated social aging and unfamiliar nursing¬†skills will make “social care for the elderly” a problem.

Electric lift transfer chair

Japan is the country with the oldest population in the world. The elderly population over 60 years old accounts for 32.79% of the national population. Therefore, elderly care has become Japan’s largest market and the most competitive market for various types of care products.

In Japan, electric lift transfer chairs which are simple and easy to use are very popular. Many families choose to configure an electric lift transfer chair to take care of the elderly at home. Because the cost of home care is lower, the familiar environment also allows the elderly to have a more comfortable retirement life. At the same time, more elderly people living alone choose to go to nursing homes for their care, and our electric lift transfer chairs are also very popular in nursing homes.

A nationwide survey in Japan has found that using electric lift transfer chairs can help more than a third of the elderly in nursing homes become more active and autonomous. Many seniors also say that a power lift transfer chair actually makes it easier for them to relieve their burden compared to human care. The elderly no longer worry about wasting staff’s time and energy due to their own reasons, no longer need to hear more or less complaints from staff, and no longer encounter incidents of violent abuse of the elderly. Many caregivers also say that with the help of an electric lift chair, nursing work becomes more efficient and easier.

With the arrival of the global aging market, the application prospects of electric lift transfer chairs can be said to be very broad. In the future, the use of old electric lift transfer chairs will not only be limited to homes and nursing homes, but electric lift transfer chairs will also appear in large numbers in hotels, restaurants, airports and other scenes.

Post time: Dec-08-2023