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  • Advantages and importance of using transfer chair

    When looking at the topic of safe transfers in the home, what comes to mind? You may think of moving someone with mobility issues from a bed to a chair (and back), or maybe onto the toilet or into a bath or shower. There are various transfers that happen day and night in the home, including simpl...
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  • An ageing population

    There’s one thing for certain – we’re all getting older. And while the older amongst us may be no spring chickens any more, growing old gracefully is no bad thing. And with age comes wisdom. However, as the world population ages, will there be enough people to replace our younger selves? A situat...
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  • transfer lifts place of use

    Electric shift machine is a pension care shift equipment, electric shift machine model is mainly divided into general shift machine and medical shift machine, two models of electric shift belong to a class of medical devices, The universal shift machine includes manual s...
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  • Comparison of patient transfer lifts tools and use

    First of all, there are many functions of the shift machine, such as bed, wheelchair, toilet seat, get on and off the car, and adjust the patient’s sleeping position, so the problem can be replaced by the shift machine from these functions as the entry point, looking for alternative product...
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  • what is patient lift?

    This displacement machine adopts the open and close type design, to help solve the mobility disability from wheelchair to sofa, bed, toilet, seat, etc., between the problem of moving each other, as well as toilet, bath and other life problems. Seniors toilet Net weight: 28kg Package size: 87*58*...
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  • Method of use for household electric transfer lifts

    The electric shift machine can greatly reduce the work intensity and safety risk of nurses, nurses and family members in the process of nursing disabled and semi-disabled elderly people, and improve the quality and efficiency of nursing. Household electric shifter is a professional mobile auxilia...
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