Electric toilet lift smart model for patient

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This model of powered toilet lifts is with a smart toilet cover, Besides its basic function of toilet seat lifting, it also has two special functions bidet cleaning and warm seat.
Electric toilet lifts helps people who have knee or hip disease or stroke people to use toilet more convenient.

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Technical Description

1)Basic function- toilet seat lifting
Electric toilet lift chair mimics the natural standing up movement of human, so it is accord with the biological mechanism.
Chair raises on a tilt angle of 15 °.It can be locked at any height once release the button of rise or fall. This meets different tall individual requirement.
2)Two special functions- bidet cleaning and warm seat
It is equipped a smart toilet cover with female cleaning and warm seat.
It has a self-clean sprayer nozzle, female cleaning and rear cleaning functions, anti clock wise is female cleaning and clock wise is rear clean, it is easy to switch.
The seat can be heated, it is warm, it brings you comfortable sense when you are on this seat. The temperature of seat can be adjustable.

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Technical parameters

Product name: Powered toilet lifts
Model: XFL-LWY-003 Smart toilet cover model
Feature: Warm seat, female cleaning, rear cleaning
Auto raise up and down
Material: Iron, plastic
Certificate CE, RoHs
Inclination angle: 15°-16°
Seat height: From 45 to 75 cm
Size: 57cm width, 65cm length,47cm height

Weight Capacity: 150 kg
Rated power: 96 W / 2 A
Power source: Electric power
Voltage: DC 24 V
For person: Bariatric person, elderly peoson,patients disabled person, and pregnant women
Noise: Almost silent electric motor when operation
With smart toilet cover, two  self clean spray nozzles, temperature of seat can be adjusted.

Technical Details

Frame : Stainless steel, this frame is sturdy and firm
Arm coat : rubber , it is anti skid.
Toilet lid : plastic.
The feet of chair are embedded a yellow rubber mat to avoid any skid on floor.
Motor: Two linear actuators motor support the elevating movement of commode chair.
Voltage: DC 24 v voltage, it is very low and safe for user
Our product has patents, we have appearance design patent.
CE and ROHS ISO certificates

How to operate it ?

Our electric toilet lift is with a controller, this controller is magnet, it can be attached on the frame which is iron material.
Long press the center button to power on or off,
Press button of rise for lifting up.
Press button of fall for down.
Seat can be lock in any height , once you release the button rise or fall.
One press power off, seat will be back to the lowest position automatic


One year warranty

Size of product

We have regular size and plus size for all of our toilet lifts.


One piece on one carton, carton size is 74*54*41cm, gross weight is 28 kg.
It is 0.17 cbm per carton.

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