Electric patient lift transfer chair become more and more popular around elderly people

Since our electric patient lift transfer chair comes to market, soon it become a hot sell product, many customer love it and get high reputation.

The elderly population worldwide is undergoing a significant increase in numbers. According to the World Health Organization, the global elderly population was estimated to be 900 million in 2015, and it is projected to reach nearly 2 billion by 2050. Around 10% of these older individuals face mobility issues, which raises concerns for their children regarding their care. If you have parents with limited mobility or who are bedridden, what do you perceive as the most demanding task? Assisting them in transitioning from the bed to the commode, providing them with a comfortable bathing experience, or facilitating their transfer to a wheelchair for outdoor strolls?

Injuries to caregivers and to patients during caring is about 75%, most caregivers suffers back pain and other muscular injury.
On the other side,about 39% patiens suffered injuries during caring,35% of them suffered fall.
Have you suffered any injuries during home care for your parents?

Actually it is really easy to solve this position transfer problem,Our electric patient transfer chair is designed for this purpose. With back open design,caregiver can easily transfer the patient from bed to commode, or move the patient from bed to shower.

Patient transfer chair is a simple but practical and economic care assistant,which can help you transfer and lift disabled or elderly people.Electric patient lift chair is powered by electric,remote control up and down.The patient can seat on the chair,and press the control pane,the seat will rise up or do down,so the chair can tranfer patient from bed to toilet or sofa with different heights,meets the requirement of actual living condition!

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Post time: Nov-10-2023