Easy put off patient’s pants transfer chair

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This model is XFL-QX-YW03, It is a electric lift transfer chair, besides the basic function of lifting and moving patient, this device has a special function – hang up patient let patient’s buttocks leave the seat and easy for caregiver put off his/her pants when toileting.

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Product name

Electric lift patient transfer chair

Model No.



Iron, Plastic, Nylon

Maximum loading weight

150 kg

Power supply

Battery, rechargeable

Rated power

96 W


DC 24 V

Lifting range

Seat  : 25 cm , from 40 cm to 65 cm.

Upper lifting: 29 cm


198 *72.5*54.5cm

Waterproof level



Home, hospital, nursing home


Electric lift


Patient transfer/ patient lift/ toilet / bath chair/ wheelchair




Two front wheels are with brake

Door width, chair can pass it

At least 55 cm

It suites for bed

Height of bed from 11 cm to 72 cm


Two batteries

With upper lifting vest


With individual soft cushion


Be suite for serious paralysis patient, easy putting off patient’s pants for toilet for caregivers.


This model is the developing from Model XFL-QX-YW01-1,besides the functions of model XFL-QX-YW01-1, It has the new features , it is with the upper lifting set, caregiver usually have problem to raise up patient and also hard to put off patient’s pants for toileting, specially in the case that the patient is heavy, but this model resolve this problem, it can lift up body of patient and let the buttocks of patient leave the seat , more convenient for nurser to put off his / her patents.

Our Advantages

1) High lifting rang 33 cm , height of seat can be adjusted from 40 cm to 73 cm , it is suitable for more high sickbed.
2) More release for caregivers, more easy nurse serious patients.
3) Battery powered, voltage DC 24, more safety.
4) It is machine engine , not hydraulic lifting, so not oil fluid out, easy clean for daily maintain.
5) Multi-functions , it is a electric lift transfer chair, a shower chair, a commode chair, a wheelchair
6) Electric lifting , but not manual lifting, so it is new trending.
7) Waterproof function, IP44 level of chair.
8) Universal wheel with locking, more safe for disabled and easy control the chair.
9) Soft removable cushion for comfort sedentary.
10) Backrest makes patient’s back more release.


1  Hospital, 2 Nursing center 3 Home


Dimension of product

Width : 545mm  Length: 725mm  Height :1700 mm

Dimensions of XFL-QX-YW03


1)What is your MOQ ?
Our MOQ is 1 piece
2)Are you a trading company or a manufacturer
We are manufacturer
3)Where are you located ?
We are located on Xiamen China
4)May I visit your factory ?
Sure ,our nearest air port is xiamen airport, you can by air arrive our city then we will pick you up from air port, and our city also has fast rain station, you also can come by rain if your are located on China.

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