About Us

Our Company

Xiang Fa Li Technology (Xiamen) Company is an independent enterprise in China, committed in research and development of production, sales and service. We specialized in manufacturing of rehabilitation physiotherapy equipment and providing service of living aids for the elderly, disabled and patients.

Our Team

Relying on the fir-lass prfessioal team of research and development, design and technology, LAOWUYOU brand concentrates onproduct development and technical innovation, with strong research and development ability, it is close to the market demand of the elderly. Its cost-effective products can guarantee the rapid sales of products and realize smooth capital flow, low risk and high rate of return.


Our History

"LAOWUYOU" was honored with the award of China's Top Brand in The Lift Toilet Seat Chair industry, and successfully filed in the National Development and Reform Commission of China in 2019.Products features on the concept of "Bring Filial Caring Home", taking filial piety old product expert in the intelligent science and technology service age as the profession localization, using with high-tech products to help the elderly, disabled and people who need special care.

QINGXIAO/LAOWUYOU and other equipment and rehabilitation therapy products for the elderly and disabled. Our products with effective reduction of labor care costs; support helping at any time to improve the efficiency of nursing; tend to respect and protect personal privacy under technological caring; avoid leading to fall down caused by dizziness of standing up after long-period sitting. Our products are sold all over the world, applicable to nursing homes, hospitals, home care families and individuals and so on.

After the innovation and research, Xiangfali Tech has establish an increasingly perfect industrial chain, laid a solid foundation for the company's long-term, rapid and large- -scale development. Advanced production equipment, excellent technical elites, and leading product development awareness have won high-efficiency operation and competitive advantages for products. At the same time, the brand is supported by high-quality team and guided by effective strategy. It is beneficial to support brand market development, sales guidance and service follow-up, brand terminal construction and maintenance, rapid promotion of brand development and breakthrough, and mutual benefit and win-win for brand development.