Multi-functional electric patient transfer chair

There are two main categories of patient transfer auxiliary products on the market: patient transfer chairs and standing hoists.

What are patient transfer chairs and standing hoists?
A patient transfer chair is a mobility aid that helps patients move from one place to another. They are designed for use in narrow spaces such as hallways, bathrooms and bedrooms. These chairs feature wheels for easy mobility and adjustable leg rests and armrests for maximum comfort. Consider a situation where a person with limited mobility needs assistance transitioning from bed to wheelchair. Patient transfer chairs simplify this process and provide convenience for the individual and their assistant.

Standing hoists, on the other hand, are mobility aids that help patients who have difficulty standing.
The purpose of these devices is to help patients transition from a sitting to a standing position. Place slings around the patient’s waist and legs and use a hoist to lift the patient. It is designed to provide support and help someone stand safely.

Now there is a product that combines the functions of a patient transfer and a standing hoists, providing support and helping users stand safely and also assisting with transfers from one place to another. and provide maximum comfort. This patient transfer chair comes from XFL Tech, model XFL-QX-YW03 (pictured below)


The advantages of this multi-functional patient transfer chair are as follows:
1) The height lifting range is 33 cm, and the seat height can be adjusted between 40 cm and 73 cm, suitable for higher hospital beds.
2) Give caregivers more freedom to care for critically ill patients more easily.
3) Battery powered, voltage DC 24, safer.
4) Since it is a mechanical engine and does not lift hydraulically, there will be no oil flowing out, making it easy for daily maintenance and cleaning.
5) Multi-functional, electric lift transfer chair, shower chair, commode chair, wheelchair
6) Electric lifting, rather than manual lifting, is the new trend.
7) Waterproof function, the chair is IP44 rated.
8) Lockable universal wheels, safer for disabled people and easy to control the chair.
9) Soft removable seat cushion makes sitting comfortable for long periods of time.
10) The backrest makes the patient’s back more relaxed.

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Post time: Nov-23-2023