• Advantages and importance of using transfer chair

    When looking at the topic of safe transfers in the home, what comes to mind? You may think of moving someone with mobility issues from a bed to a chair (and back), or maybe onto the toilet or into a bath or shower. There are various transfers that happen day and night in the home, including simpl...
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  • Publicity about the company

    The elderly who are disabled at home can only rely on their family members to move and move with bare hands for care, and the nursing staff are exhausted for a long time There will definitely be lumbar muscle strain and intervertebral disc damage so that you can’t persist, and there is a hi...
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  • An ageing population

    There’s one thing for certain – we’re all getting older. And while the older amongst us may be no spring chickens any more, growing old gracefully is no bad thing. And with age comes wisdom. However, as the world population ages, will there be enough people to replace our younger selves? A situat...
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  • The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide for your Aging Loved One

    As the Holiday season quickly approaches, it is very easy to become stressed about gift selection. There are several people that you must buy for, including your aging loved ones. Here are some great gift ideas to take the burden of selecting gifts for your aging loved ones off your shoulders. C...
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  • transfer lift chair product science

    With the acceleration of global aging, more and more pension problems are prominent, the care of the elderly also appears to be particularly important, shift machine has now become the standard configuration of people care for the elderly with mobility problems, the major hospitals, nursing homes...
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  • The operation method of the transfer lifts chair

    The MACHINE IS USED TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF DISPLACEMENT, toilet and BATH FOR THE elderly, disabled and paraplegic patients, and has the function of wheelchair. 1.Allow the user to sit upright and open the seat of the shifter And placed in front of the user; 2.Lift the user’s foot and pl...
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