Electric transfer lift chair makes it easier to take care of bedridden people

Having one family member with a disability can disrupt the entire household, as the challenges of caring for an elderly person with disabilities are much greater than we can comprehend.

Since the day they became bedridden, a considerable number of disabled elderly individuals have been unable to leave their beds. The extended period of bed rest has led to a rapid decline in their physical functions, making them vulnerable to complications like bedsores. Moreover, they frequently encounter psychological challenges such as loneliness, self-pity, and a diminished sense of self, greatly compromising their quality of life.

Electric lift transfer chair

Transfer chair can move the elderly easily

The physical strength and nursing skills of caregivers are of utmost importance when it comes to transferring disabled elderly individuals from the bed, regardless of whether it is in an elderly care center or at home. The demanding nature of this task can lead to health problems such as lumbar muscle strain and intervertebral disc injury for the caregiver due to its high labor intensity. Additionally, if the transfer process is not carried out correctly, it can easily result in secondary risks like fractures and falls for the disabled.

Transfer lift chair can help move the elderly to the bedroom, toilet etc.

Qingxiao Transfer Lift Chair

The health of disabled elderly individuals can be compromised if they remain bedridden for extended periods. To counteract this, they can opt for a transfer lift chair, which not only helps alleviate pressure sores but also enables them to move around and visit desired places like sofas, toilets, or outdoor spaces.

The introduction of the multi-functional lifting chair has resolved the problem faced by people with hemiplegia and mobility impairments, where they had to constantly switch between wheelchairs, sofas, beds, toilets, seats, etc. This innovation has not only reduced the workload and challenges for caregivers but also minimized the risks associated with caregiving.

The transfer lift chair utilizes a main frame made of high-strength toughness carbon steel pipe, ensuring enhanced stability, firmness, and resistance to deformation, as well as increased load-bearing capacity. The chair’s back is equipped with seat belts and locks, guaranteeing the safety of elderly individuals and providing a safer and more secure user experience.


Post time: Oct-26-2023