Advantages and importance of using transfer chair

When looking at the topic of safe transfers in the home, what comes to mind? You may think of moving someone with mobility issues from a bed to a chair (and back), or maybe onto the toilet or into a bath or shower. There are various transfers that happen day and night in the home, including simply boosting up in bed or a chair and getting in and out of cars.
Those who have assisted a family member with these transfers understand how demanding it can be for both the caregiver and the person being helped. In many cases, transfers are done via sheer force by pulling or tugging on someone, which is often unsafe and even painful for both the individual and the person assisting them. It can create even greater risk for those with impaired skin integrity.
Without appropriate equipment—and often, home modifications—transfers can be a backbreaking task for a caregiver. In addition, they expose both people to the risk of shoulder injuries and falls. And since transfers happen many times throughout the day, by the time the evening arrives, both parties are exhausted and injuries are more apt to occur. Even if no accident or injury happens, the constant physical demands often lead to caregiver burnout, forcing the loved one to be admitted to a facility. :-) :-)
The new transfer chair can mitigate these risks. It boasts an innovative feature set and enhanced functionality for improved comfort and security during transfers. It helps reduce rocking movement, resulting in a more stable and comfortable experience for the user and improved lift control for the caregiver. The space-saving design can be set up, folded and unfolded without the need for tools and is easy to maneuver and transport.
It can be used for all types of transfers between car and chair, bed and chair, and from the floor to chair or bed. The unique spreader bar design provides dynamic precise controlled positioning with minimal motion and effort. The compact, lightweight design is easy to maneuver and ideal for home use.



Post time: Jan-31-2023