Xiamen Senior Care Service Promotion Association held a general meeting.

We will strengthen the elderly care initiatives in Xiamen by leveraging the power of social charity. XiangFaLi Technology(Xiamen) Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the meeting.

At the member meeting held by Xiamen Association for the Promotion of Senior Care Services on March 3, the 2023 “New Year Charity Express” event co-organized by the Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Civil Affairs, the Municipal Charity Federation and the Municipal Association for the Promotion of Senior Care Services was launched simultaneously. 200 needy elderly households in the city are equipped with aging-appropriate equipment and facilities for free. The main donations include wall-mounted shower chairs, multi-functional handrails for toilets, patient lifts transfer chair, lift toilet chairs, smart phones for elderly care, and other aging-friendly equipment and facilities.

My country’s aging process is currently accelerating, and how to allow the elderly to live safely at home has become a topic of increasing concern to society. According to survey data, less than 10% of elderly people in China use aging-friendly products, which is generally low, and there are even fewer elderly families with special needs. Li Long stated that, beginning with this launch ceremony, he will actively coordinate with caring member companies to expand the “Chinese New Year Charity Express” activity and strive to become a volunteer service brand in Xiamen that serves and meets the needs of the elderly.


Post time: Mar-06-2023