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The elderly who are disabled at home can only rely on their family members to move and move with bare hands for care, and the nursing staff are exhausted for a long time

There will definitely be lumbar muscle strain and intervertebral disc damage so that you can’t persist, and there is a high possibility of falling and falling secondary injuries.

pregnancy.Bedridden for a long time, unable to go out to breathe and bask in the sun, his health is declining day by day, his eyes are thin and lifeless.

Disabled elderly people are not well taken care of, and they sometimes fall to the ground. If there are not a few people to lift or use a mobile It is very difficult to lift the disabled old man back to the chair or bed with a computer. 8-)

The disabled elderly are bedridden for a long time, and skin care measures such as bathing and changing clothes in time to make the bed unit require strong physical labor

As a result, it becomes extravagant, does not take good skin care, leads to severe pressure sores, and even causes systemic infection and fever.So how can we change this situation? How can we provide a comfortable living environment for the elderly?

How can the elderly not worry about moving? Multi-functional shifting of Xiangfali Technology (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.

patient transfer lift

The mobile phone can solve this series of problems for you, so that the elderly can carry out basic life activities like ordinary people, can move indoors, eat at a table, go to the toilet normally, take a bath frequently, and have short outdoor activities.

The emergence of multi-functional lifts makes it easy and safe for the elderly to move, and effectively helps nursing staff to take care of those who are unable to move.It greatly reduces the physical and mental burden of the nursing staff, and effectively guarantees that the elderly with disabilities can live in different places.Safety in the transfer between locations (sofa, bed, toilet, etc.), effectively expanding the range of activities for the elderly with limited mobility Surrounding, greatly improving the quality of life of nursing staff and those being cared for.French sociologist Comte said: population is the destiny of a country.

Long-term care problems faced by people with disabilities The problem is a complex system engineering. The paralyzed old man becomes relaxed with the help of the lift, so that the disabled old man can really It is improving the quality of life, no longer “confine” in bed.

Use the power of science and technology to provide high-quality nursing services for the disabled elderly, so that the life of the disabled elderly can be more dignified, and at the same time reduce the Lighten the nursing work intensity of nursing staff and their families, and contribute to the country’s nursing care for the elderly.


Post time: Jan-17-2023