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With the acceleration of global aging, more and more pension problems are prominent, the care of the elderly also appears to be particularly important, shift machine has now become the standard configuration of people care for the elderly with mobility problems, the major hospitals, nursing homes for the elderly have begun to be a large number of popular, family use has also begun to hot up.

The transfer machine helps people with mobility problems from wheelchair to sofa, bed, toilet seat, seat between the difficult problem of mutual displacement, as well as toilet, bath and other series of life problems.


1. Classification of shift machine

Shift machine model more styles, can be divided into mobile, fixed, floor type, rail mobile, mobile shift machine is divided into lifting arm type, pedestal type, stair shift machine, etc.

(1) mobile shift machine with 4 universal wheel, can meet the needs of bedridden patients daily shift, can help bedridden patients move over the bed, wheelchair, toilet bath, go out, etc., can be used anytime and anywhere, practical high utilization rate.

(2) the fixed shift machine has a fixed boom, the shift machine moves back and forth in the range of the boom, sometimes can be integrated with the bed, basically does not need special installation and construction. This kind of shift machine is often placed in the bed, bathroom, toilet and so on.

(3) The floor shift machine is usually placed on the ground at the bedside, and there are also columns installed in the four corners of the room, with the lifting bag to achieve the moving object in the moving range of the track.

(4) The rail type shift machine is along the track installed on the ceiling, the moving object is moved to the target with the lifting bag shift machine. The disadvantage is that the installation track needs construction, and once installed, the position of the track can not be changed, the investment is large, so the need to determine the demand first.



2.the advantages of the transfer lifts chair

The emergence of displacement machines is not only beneficial to bedridden patients, but also to nursing staff.First of all, the shift machine is a medical instrument designed specifically for nursing disabled people, which can reduce the difficulty and intensity of nursing work, reduce the nursing occupational disease, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc protrusion and other diseases. Another is by lifting up and down shift of the shift machine function, can easily will fail from bed to wheelchair, sit implement, such as daily life place, directly address disability, the elderly, the difficulty of shift, reduce the secondary injury risk in the process of displacement and reduce the elderly bedridden time in bed, reduce bedsores, improve the quality of life in the old man in bed.

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Post time: Nov-03-2022