The operation method of the transfer lifts chair

The MACHINE IS USED TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF DISPLACEMENT, toilet and BATH FOR THE elderly, disabled and paraplegic patients, and has the function of wheelchair. :-D

1.Allow the user to sit upright and open the seat of the shifter And placed in front of the user;

2.Lift the user’s foot and place it on the foot pedal; Lock the brake lock before the user sits on the shifter.

Patient lift for invalids


3.Let the user in turn slightly tilt the body to the left and right, while turning the corresponding side of the seat, the user in turn into the shift machine

The left and right halves of the seats;

4.When the user is fully seated on the seat, the back of the shift machine is closed and the automatic buckle is locked; Lock the safety latch.

5.When the user is fully seated on the shifter and the back two buckles are locked, open the brake lock; At this point you can use the front handle to move the user.

6.When the user moves to the target position, open the back double lock, rotate and open the seat of the shifter, and the user will move to the target position smoothly.


matters needing attention:

1. Before use, please check whether all parts are complete and stable to ensure safe use;

2, in each sitting in the shift machine or from the shift machine, please do not stand on the pedal, must tread on the field;

3.the shift machine before use please adjust to the appropriate height;

4.before use, please ensure that both sides of the seat plate is kept at the same height;

5.When opening and closing the shift machine, please remove the bedpan bracket and the toilet first;

6.When the user sits on or leaves the shifter, ensure that the wheels are locked..

7.All four wheels must be locked when the user takes a bath.

8.Make sure all four wheels are locked when staying on sloping ground.


Post time: Oct-19-2022