A little knowledge about the transfer lift and how to use

Electric shift machine is mainly used for paralysis, bedridden, disabled people with mobility difficulties from a position, in order to move safely, smoothly and comfortably to another position of medical instruments. Can make the nursing work more convenient and efficient and comfortable installation.

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It has brought good news to families or related medical institutions or nursing homes and rehabilitation centers with paralyzed patients, realizing the safe and easy transfer among beds, wheelchairs, chairs and toilets for paralyzed patients, critically ill patients, disabled people who have been bedridden for a long time and those who cannot move autonomously.It reduces the workload of nursing staff and improves the quality of life of patients or elderly people. General household shift machine use population, as follows:

Shift machine is divided into medical type and home type, medical type shift machine as the name implies is suitable for medical institutions, special care wards, social welfare institutions, rehabilitation hospitals, community pension and so on.

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The general household type shift machine is suitable for home care, buyers can choose different types of shift machine according to different use scenarios.

The product of the normal shift machine can be shifted by the nursing staff through the handle controller, one up, one down, and then accurately and safely shifted to the place where you want to go.It can realize the safe transfer between bed, wheelchair, seat and toilet for patients with paralysis and leg injury, and reduce the working intensity of nursing staff to the greatest extent, help improve nursing efficiency and reduce nursing risk at the same time.

It can greatly reduce the risk of nursing care and prevent patients from encountering secondary injuries in the transfer, and improve the quality of life and dignity of disabled people, and promote rehabilitation.



Post time: Oct-09-2022